Year: 2018

Interview Preparation

Many people become stressed when called for a job interview.  If you prepare, it greatly reduces your stress level.  Prepare a self-introduction, review all of the requirements of the job and write out how you meet the specifications.  This will

San Diego Industrial Sectors

San Diego has several Industrial Sectors that yield high demand for employment.  These include: Aerospace Cleantech Craft Beer Cyber Security Defense Genomics Higher Education Life Sciences Manufacturing Medical Devices Research Institutions Sports and Active Lifestyle Technology Tourism Unmanned Systems When

Job Boards

Job Boards Me too. One of the best ways to obtain job listings for viable employers here in San Diego is to perform a goggle search entitled, “San Diego Company Headquarters”. Choose Wikipedia results, then go to each corporate website


Many young people have difficulty determining their interests in relation to the world of work.  I see many clients who have performed beautifully in school, but have little experience about what they can “do” with their education.

Vocational Interests

I work with many young clients who are very uncertain about what vocational  and educational path to follow. Providing individuals with valid and reliable career inventories is an excellent way for young people to determine their vocational and therefore educational

A Paradigm Shift in Thinking

In job seeking many people make the mistake of approaching their resume and cover letter with what they (the job hunter) are seeking from an employer, rather than communicating how they can be an asset to the employers organization. As