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LaunchPad Career Counseling.

LaunchPad, Inc. is a career counseling entity based in Encinitas, California. It is owned and operated by
Ms. Barbara Sedgwick-Billimoria, M.Ed. Barbara’s education includes:

- Bachelor of Arts, UCSD in Mass Communications
- Master of Educational Counseling, University of San Diego Emphasis in Career Development.

Barbara Sedgwick-Bilimoria, Launchpad Career Counseling Inc. Barbara has worked at the following institutions:

- University of San Diego, Career Counselor
- United States International University, Career Counselor
- Southwestern College Small Business Development and International Trade Center, Small Business and International Trade Counselor

1. During her fourteen year tenure at the Small Business Development and International Trade Center, Barbara has counseled thousands of individuals on all aspects of owning and operating a business.

2. As a result, it became very evident to her that most people did not know their personality type, their interests or their values as they relate to their career choices. Furthermore, she realized many people were long onto a career path that did not suite them personally leading to career dissatisfaction.

3. Building on this, Barbara decided to open LaunchPad, Inc. which is dedicated to helping people determine their educational and vocational path as it aligns to them personally.

Through her experienced counseling skills Barbara is able to carefully combine an individuals personality type, interests and values to determine their career choice, college major, college course work or non-college vocation. Individuals who find themselves in a long term careers can benefit from these services as it allows them to understand the joys and difficulties of their current career leading to appropriate changes. The psychological assessments that Barbara uses are based in valid and reliable research that has been used for decades.

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