Enhance Your Resume, Cover Letter and Self-Introduction

Are you having a difficult time differentiating yourself from your competition during job interviews? Does it seem like you’re rehashing the same old information about your experience in cover letters and resumes? What about your self- introduction, also known as an elevator speech?  It can be difficult to develop detailed and interesting information about your talents and contributions to the world of work. One way to develop innovative content is to use your Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Simply knowing your type is insufficient to develop new content relevant to your job search. Rather, truly understanding what is known as the dominant and auxiliary, or primary and secondary aspect of your personality can lead to some very interesting content. Having been asked to develop a seminar by The Boardroom, San Diego with the blessings of CPP (the publisher of the MBTI) I have developed a 1 1/2 hour seminar where individuals can learn about their type in detail and uncover at least 16 specific factors that their type contributes to the world of work. Individuals will then integrate this content into resumes, cover letters, job interviewing questions and self-introductions. To learn more about this seminar please visit the Boardroom at http://theboardroomsandiego.org

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