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LaunchPad Career Counseling.

LaunchPad Career Counseling - Helping you make the right educational and vocational choices. LaunchPad is an Encinitas-based career counseling company specializing in serving individuals who want to determine a career path that is aligned to their personality, interests and values. We combine the best of a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling & Career Development with 16 years of real-world counseling experience to help YOU launch your life in the right direction.

We have you take reliable and valid psychological instruments that assess your specific:

     - Personality
     - Interests
     - Values

We then integrate these assessments and work WITH you face-to-face to help you focus in on the educational and/or career path that is meant for you.

In a few hours (and for a very affordable price) you can get on track for your future and feel confident about it, too. You’ve worked hard to get this far, now take the next step! Call us at (760) 815-6363 or read more on the "Why Launchpad?" page.