Resume Objectives

A common mistake that I find when reviewing a clients’ resume is the inclusion of a general objective statement.  An objective statement weakens a resume for two reasons.  One, it limits the scope of work the applicant can obtain.  Let’s take an overly simplified example to illustrate the limitations of an objective.  Objective: “I am looking to find an entry level position in administration to build the foundation of my career in business.” This limits the scope of work the employer may consider hiring the applicant to perform.  Perhaps the organization has a opening for an entry level events planner as well.  By stating a desire to work as an entry level administrator the applicate has precluded the possibility of being interviewed for the event planner position.  Secondarily, an objective statement often conveys what the client wants from the employer, rather than stating what the applicant can do for the employer.  Gently stated the employer is not very concerned about how they can help you further your career, rather they are interested in what you can do for their organization.  Job seekers need to change their paradigm of thinking and create a resume that reflects how they can serve the employer rather than how the employer can further their career.

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