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LaunchPad Career Counseling.

books LaunchPad, LLC offers a monthly scholarship program for young people ages 16 25. This scholarship program allows for a person in need to receive the Educational and Vocational package free of charge. A total of twelve (12) scholarship programs will be offered each calendar year.

LaunchPad will only accept Scholarship applications for people in need. Need is defined as someone who does not have the financial means to purchase the educational and vocational package due to one of the following circumstances:

- Foster Child with limited financial resources
- Live in a single parent home with limited financial resources
- Deceased parent(s) hence limited financial resources
- Household income less than $50,000 a year with at least four persons living in the household.

How To Apply:

1. Individuals wishing to apply need to send a 1 2 page summary as to a) their need, b) their desire to and reason for obtain educational and vocational information, c) their imagined future and d) anything else that is relevant.

2. All applicants must include their full legal name, e-mail address, telephone number and address at the top of their summary.

3. All applications must be typed in Microsoft Word and sent as an attachment to: The attachment name should be the name of the individual applying for the scholarship.

4. Applications are due at the first of every month. All applicants will be notified by the 15th of every month.

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