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Hi, my name is Barbara Sedgwick-Billimoria M.Ed. a career counselor in San Diego providing high quality career counseling services at LaunchPad Career Counselors.  During the past 18 years, I have counseled hundreds of individuals on all aspects of career development including:

  • career path identification
  • educational path identification
  • resume and cover letter writing
  • interviewing skills
  • job searching strategies
  • networking

I work will all ranges of individuals including but not limited to high school students, college students, recent college graduates, individuals returning to work after an absence, mid-career professionals, job seekers and retirees.

Deciding on a Career or Educational Path…

  • Can be a daunting experience. Many individuals feel pressure to live up to familial or cultural expectations, or are influenced by the media and friends.
  • Deciding to change an existing or long-term career can be a frightening and overwhelming experience leading to inaction and frustration.

As a counselor, I understand these pressures and frustrations and offer you tools to make informed decisions. I have the educational qualifications to administer and interpret the following career assessments designed to increase your self-knowledge and uncover a career that is specific to you – a career that will lead to satisfaction!

Career Assessments:

  1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator TM
    uncovers your personality – delineates what will lead to career satisfaction – reveals your gifts to the world of work
  2. Strong Interest Inventory TM
    explores your interests – pinpoints jobs to consider – determines your educational interests – helps focus in on that awesome vocation – delineates your career motivators
  3. Values Driven Work Inventory TM
    helps solidify your goals – let’s you know what you need from work to feel satisfied
  • These are powerful tools that can help you make satisfying decisions about your career and/or education.
  • Through the counseling process, I synthesize the results of your career assessments, relate them to the real world of work and then help you focus in on an career or educational path that is specific to you!
  • Managing your career is not a one-time decision, but a series of decisions you make over a lifetime. Obtaining information about your personality type, interests and values allows you to make appropriate decisions not only now, but creates a foundation for making appropriate vocational decisions for a lifetime.
  • I am not a career coach – anyone can be a career coach! Rather, I am a career counselor with my Masters Degree in Educational Counseling and an Emphasis in Career Development. As such, I have been trained to synthesize relevant vocational information that will launch you in the right direction.

Finding Employment

As a member of the National Resume Writers Association, my services also include development of a concise, clear, professional resume. Networking is paramount to employment acquisition; my clients develop the skills and confidence needed for effective networking. I also help individuals prepare for interviews and address barriers to employment.

Designated Master Career Counselor

Nationally Certified Career Counselor

Member: National Resume Writers Association

Member: National Career Development Association 

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