For Parents

Autumn Floral HeartAs a parent myself, I understand concerns regarding your child’s career and or college major selection. Perhaps your child is in college undecided about their future or has returned home and is looking to begin their professional life. I can help determine an individuals career and/or educational path using appropriate career assessments that increase self knowledge. I then use this information in the context of employment opportunities to weave together an appropriate plan. Additionally, I can advise individuals on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills and job searching strategies.

How You Can Help

One of the ways that you can help your child develop their career is to expose them to as many jobs and/or industries as possible. So often parents become encumbered in grades and college selection that furthering their child’s knowledge about the world of work is ignored. Have your child speak to family members, friends and community members about what they do for a living. If possible have your child job shadow for a day or engage in an internship.

You can also have your child view short videos on different careers. The follow is a link to an exceptional site for career and industry descriptions:

The biggest obstacle that I face as a career counselor is an individuals lack of knowledge about what is available to them in the world of work. Exposure to different careers allows individuals to determine what they like and do not like in the world of work.  People can only be interested in things they know.  This is why it is imperative that your child obtains exposure to as many careers as possible; even careers that they do not have an interest in pursuing.

Regarding college selection, please remember that the goal of college is not to have your child attend the “best college.” Rather, it is for your child to select a college that is best for them! There are many educational and technical education roads to success!