Career Counseling Ethics

As a professional with a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, I abide by strict rules of confidentiality and ethics. As a result, please understand that all information discussed in counseling sessions is strictly confidential. I will not under any circumstances discuss an individuals personality type, interests or values with anyone except the individual client. However, if the client chooses to invite their parent(s) or guardian(s) into the counseling session this is welcomed and completely acceptable. ethics

The exception to this rule of confidentiality is if the client discusses the intent to harm him/herself or the intent to harm others. Additionally, if the client discusses any illegal conduct the parent or guardian of the client will be contacted. If any child abuse or neglect is discussed, this too shall be reported to the proper authorities.

The client will be given a account login and password to take two on-line career assessments. Please understand that this login and password are only for the client. Please do not share this information with anyone else.

Please keep your scheduled time for counseling sessions. If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible and with at least 24 hours notice. The exception to this rule is illness. If you are ill, please call the office to re-schedule your appointment.

Please understand that payment for services is due at the end of each counseling session. I accept, cash, check, Visa or Master Card.

Thank you for choosing LaunchPad Career Counselors. I truly look forward to helping you!