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question mark clouds signify why you should choose launchpad career counseling Why Choose LaunchPad?

Deciding on a career path that aligns with you as an individual requires self-knowledge and a series of deliberate, mature, decision-making processes. There is no “magic bullet” or “magic pill” in determining a career that is correct for you. Rather, it takes an understanding of self, an understanding the world of work and an ability to bridge the gap between the two. As a career counselor I approach my counseling interventions by:

  • Increasing your self-knowledge through career assessments
  • Exploring careers that are absolutely specific to you; your personality type, interests and values
  • Synthesizing the intersection between self and the world of work
  • Developing a list of tentative career choices
  • Clarification of your career and or educational path

I am committed to helping you determine your career and/or educational choice and provide customized, comprehensive and result-driven career planning services!

My education includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts, UCSD in Mass Communications
  • Master of Educational Counseling, University of San Diego Emphasis in Career Development (Summa Cum Laude)

Additionally, I have worked at the following Universities:

– University of San Diego, Career Counselor
– United States International University, Career Counselor
– Southwestern College Small Business Development and International Trade Center, Small Business and International Trade Counselor