A Paradigm Shift in Thinking

In job seeking many people make the mistake of approaching their resume and cover letter with what they (the job hunter) are seeking from an employer, rather than communicating how they can be an asset to the employers organization. As mentioned in a previous post, listing an objective in a resume is not relevant to conveying how you can assist your potential employer and also limits the opportunities for which you might be considered.  Furthermore, in cover letters, I often see statements such as, “I am seeking this opportunity to further my career,” or “I’ve always wanted to work for a company like yours.”  Other poor statements include, “I am looking to break into the entertainment business and see this job as a great opportunity,” or “I’m looking to change careers.”” Gently said, the employer is not interested in knowing how they can help you further your career. Rather, they are interested in knowing how you can fulfill their employment needs. Your cover letter and resume then needs to link your experience to specific job duties that are listed in the job announcement for which you are applying.  Each cover letter and resume is different and specific to a particular job posting.  If you are not receiving  positive responses to your job applications, please consider changing your resume and cover letter approach to reflect how you can meet the needs of your potential employer.